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Manchester's Premier Karate School

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•  Safe and fun for kids (and adults) ages 4+

•  Full-time instructors with decades of combined experience led by 8th Degree Black Belt Steven White

•  Convenient class schedules fit your hectic lifestyle

•  Located in Manchester Commons - drop off your child and get some shopping done while you wait!

Serving All of Greater Manchester
371 South Willow St, 2nd Floor

Manchester, NH 03103

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Hear Why Families Love Us

My son just started here and signing him up has been a wonderful experience so far! The staff is welcoming with their awesome attitudes and everyone has been so nice, it already feels like we've been going here for years.  I can't wait for him to grow here and begin friendships with his karate class and teachers that will last a lifetime!

"The staff is welcoming with their awesome attitudes..."

Amanda Schueler

We Either Meet or Exceed All State Protocols & Guidelines for Preventing Covid-19.   Learn More

Developing Self-Esteem

We utilize a series of multiple goals that boost self-esteem levels.  Our martial arts instructors turn even the most quiet, shy and doubtful beginners into strong and outgoing leaders that become powerful practitioners.

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Learning Self-Discipline

The foundation of martial arts is the focus of self-discipline incorporated into a student's training. Instant gratification, the "I want it now", and lessons in self-restraint and discipline are learned traits for both children and adults. 

Making a Habit of Physical Fitness

Tired of the boring mundane and repetitive workouts? Karate is more than a lifestyle change when it comes to fitness. It is a synergized martial arts training program that our students use to enhance their level of fitness.

Not only is karate a great way for your child to be physically active, it also helps to instill in them the values of respect, focus, self-esteem, and confidence building.

Our program is more than simply "punches and kicks".  It's about helping your child succeed in life.

My 9 year old son loves going here! The teachers are great with the kids and I love that the kids are shown that respect and safety are top priority. I highly recommend Manchester Karate Studio! 

"Respect and safety are top priority..." 

Julie Josey

My two children and I have been coming for over four years now, and I can't say enough about the studio.  It has the most professional, knowledgeable and well-trained staff in the area if not the entire state.  They focus not only on karate skills but on life skills as well. Teaching the impressionable children life lessons and ways to achieve their goals in karate and most importantly in life. I highly recommend this studio for anyone who would like to see their children grow with confidence and have the tools to deal with anything that life throws at them.

"Grow with confidence..."

Bill Stamatis

I really liked the individual orientation that we received before enrolling. We got a thorough overview of policies and expectations as well as a chance to try out a few moves. The emphasis in Little Dragons on respect and self-discipline has been very helpful as my daughter is very stubborn and independent. Her use of "Yes Sir!" and "Yes Ma'am!" has extended to our home, and she gets a kick out of practicing her "stranger evasion" techniques on her parents. The instructor's lessons go beyond the mat- what to do if there is a fire, for example. Very useful!

"The instructor's lessons go beyond the mat..."

Meghan Bilz

Covid 19 Protocols

  • All class mats are sprayed/sanitized after every class.
  • All hard multi contact surfaces are sanitized after every lesson.
  • We regularly fog/mist the classrooms.
  • All public restrooms are sanitized after every lesson.
  • We use Simple Green on the mats, since it’s biodegradable and kid safe
  • We use Pine Sol on all hard surfaces as it’s been proven most effective.
  • Everyone wears a mask, and only parents of the youngest children are allowed in the classroom with their children

Serving the Manchester Community for 34 Years!

371 South Willow Street, 2nd Floor

Manchester, NH 03103

Serving the Manchester Community for 34 Years!

371 South Willow Street, 2nd Floor

Manchester, NH 03103

Manchester's Premier Karate School

Karate Classes for Kids, Adults & Families

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Meet Our Founder, Steven White

Mr. White began training in the martial arts at the age of eleven and by his Senior year of High School he had earned his Black Belt.  Following High School, Mr. White served in the United States Naval Reserve for six years.  Upon his return to civilian life, he opened the Manchester Karate Studio in October of 1984, and has since served as its director and chief instructor. Mr. White is currently an 8th Degree Black Belt in the Parker system of Kenpo Karate.

In addition to his martial arts career, Mr. White has completed a Lock Flow Drill and a Handcuffing and Weapons Retention program for local and state police officers in New Hampshire. In September of 1998, Sgt. Joseph Marceau, the director of the Police Standards and Training Council, invited him to present his program to the New Hampshire police state trainers in Concord, NH. Mr. White‘s training methods are now in use in several New Hampshire police barracks.

We either meet or exceed all state protocols & guidelines for preventing Covid-19.